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How To Sell A Haunted Or Stigmatized Home

Selling a home that has a reputation for either being haunted or having had someone die there can be tough. In most areas, you’re obligated to report a death in a home if it has occurred in the past three years. Many people take the word haunted literally, but it can also refer to a stigmatized property where someone has died. Before you even think to put a such a house on the market, make sure you consult with a lawyer. Also, a home having a reputation for being haunted may actually prove to be a positive selling point if the home is historical in any way.


Find Interested Buyers

Though most people automatically shy away from the possibility of owning a purportedly haunted home, there are those unique individuals that may specifically want haunted real estate. Usually, these individuals have a special connection to the paranormal or supernatural, or are a member of a paranormal society. There is a niche market for haunted houses, and this can also be seen in the marketing campaigns of numerous hotels and bed and breakfasts that advertise a haunted location. In short, there’s a possibility of finding a buyer for your haunted or stigmatized home.


To Tell The Truth

It’s important to find out whether your state’s laws place you under obligation that you have to let potential buyers know if the property for sale is haunted or stigmatized. If you’re under no lawful obligation, you may still want to do the right thing and let a potential buyer know. Additionally, if you live in a community where your house has a dark reputation, new homeowners will more than likely find out from neighbors that they’ve purchased such a home.


Of course, there’s also the very real possibility that there’s nothing wrong with your home except for its poor reputation. If there are unfounded rumors circulating in your community, get in touch with local real estate agents and host an open house where people can see that it’s a normal piece of property. Allowing a public viewing can help dispel any false rumors that are circulating.


Get Spiritual Cleansing

You can approach selling a haunted house from a more spiritual standpoint by hiring a psychic or a ghostbuster whose job it is to cleanse negative energies and get rid of unwanted spirits. You can let potential buyers or interested parties know that the home has been cleansed. Additionally, some staging techniques can also make your haunted home look more inviting or attractive.


The Price Is Right

The fact of the matter is that some haunted houses sit on the market for years, whereas, others are seen as unique historical homes with a fascinating history and are purchased quite quickly. Many people live side-by-side with spirits and are more than happy in their homes, but it doesn’t mean that it’s always a good selling point. If you’ve tried everything, the last resort is lowering the price until you can find a buyer who wants a good bargain.


There are quite a few honest steps you can take in order to sell a haunted or stigmatized property. Sometimes, rumors are unfounded and unnecessary, but other times you will have to get creative with your marketing in order to raise interest.