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Hauntyourhouse.net strives to not only be a leader in haunted house supplies such as halloween props, masks, fog machines, animation control, lighting effects, and many other products, but H.Y.H.net also is determined to present to you some ideas on room design and scare tactics for your haunted attraction as well.

From our haunt to yours, H.Y.H.net would like to offer you and the haunt Industry a closer look into the rooms we have designed and built for the haunt we volunteer a great deal of time to, the House Of Shadows, located in Sparta Wisconsin.

So do to all the questions I've had about how our rooms for haunts have been built, such as the "Shrink Room" and the "Wall Dropping/Crypt", Haunt Your House.net has decided to dedicate a section of our website to talk alittle more about our sets and show some "In the Making" pictures and possibly some video as well on how we built our designs.

We hope to offer some possibly new ideas in haunt room design, and scare tactic for you to use or build on to in your own halloween attraction. We also welcome any questions or comments you may have.


The Rooms:

Shrink Room

Wall Drop/crypt

Moving Room (A.K.A. Hell Hall)

Saw/Hells Bench


The Props:

Moving Skull

Spitter Blaster


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