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When it comes to haunting, I know all to well that we die hard haunters go to great lengths to design and build the creepiest, the scariest, and the most unbelievably horrific haunt sets we can achieve. Whether Jon Hyers Virtual 3d FXwe're a home haunter or the owner of a professional haunted attraction, one thing we all share in common is our willingness and our drive to put on the best display or the best show around. We're always ready to do something the haunt down the street isn't doing. Cause finding new and innovative solutions to our haunting needs is what not only advances our industry, but sets our haunt apart from the rest of the pack; a necessity in areas with many haunted attractions. When our customers have options, what are they going to see in your haunt that they wont see in another? You know we have to ask ourselves this time and time again.

Well for the 2010 haunt season, I got an email from a man that I would honestly say had some concepts for creating effects or animations that will soon prove to be breakthrough material for the haunt industry. I'm virtually sure of it. And the concept is...."Virtual 3D"....and the master mind is Jon Hyers.

Jon Hyers of Outrageous Media in St Paul Minnesota has spent decades perfecting his craft of but not limited to Virtual 3D. About ten years ago he began not only going onsite to major attractions state wide as well as a haunted museum in Russia, he also began marketing tools to teach others how to accomplish amazing effects. Although these effects can and have been used among independent film makers, the haunt industry I assure you will not be taking the backseat for this ride. Instead the Halloween and haunt industry has proven to not only been able to use products and services of Jon Hyers, it will prove that there is definitely a place among our industry and in our haunted attractions for "Virtual 3D" Special Effects for years to come.

As you see from the YouTube Videos on his many products here at, the end effects can be amazing. Jon Hyers Virtual 3d FX Jon Hyers has put together a compilation of dvds giving not only the effects themselves, but also many "How To" videos demonstrating in simplest form how to achieve these effects. How far you go with them is up to you. The scene around them could be the most detailed crypt or cemetery depending on the effect. By putting together the right effect with the appropriate scene could make for the most memorable set in your haunted attraction. Jons dvds are giving many of the tools and tips you need to get started. How detailed the finished effect is, is only limited by what you can do with it. Also to note that virtually all of these fx can be redesigned for custom orders. Contact us here at for further info.

Please be sure to check out the YouTubes as they feature some interviews by news stations. Below is a link to an article wrote just recently by someone who just discovered his work. And if you got the time click through Jons products located here at If nothing else, just watch the videos. Some very cool stuff that just may spark some ideas for this next haunt season.

Please be sure to click back to for your purchases. We thank you for your interest not only in Jon Hyers Special FX, but your interest here at Haunt Your House.

To learn more about Jon Hyers and his virtual 3D special fx, click the link to the Special FX DVDs.

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