Ghost Video Projector Kit DVD

This simple and inexpensive kit contains the PLANS and one Visual Effects DVD which you can use to create a video projector out of an OLD TV set. Got an Old TV? Don't toss it, as most TUBE TVs output 10 times more light than a Flat Screen TV, and a MUCH MUCH sharper picture than ANY flat screen/HD TV does when playing a normal DVD.

Users are free to make their own videos to play into this cool, cheap, video projector. The kit comes with the necessary instructions, lens, how-to and effects DVDs.

NOTE: IMPORTANT!!! In 2008, a number of customers asked us to add some of the ghost and ghoul effects from our other DVDs, into the effects DVD for this kit. NOW this kit features 10+ effects, instead of just one-as is pictured in this youtube. This was done by customer request, NOT as en effort by us to sell the same DVD under two product names. The Ghost Kit DVD is also created upside down, which is required for this kit, other DVDs containing some of the same images are NOT upside down.

(Check out video below)


Price: $40.00

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