Shrink Room

This room was basically a hallway about ten feet long by about 4 feet wide (give or take). The patrons entered from one end through a doorway on the 10ft wall and walked to the opposite end where they encountered a dead end.

Just after the last person enters the hallway, a character from behind the 4ft wall on the enterance side of the hall would push that wall down the hall, sealing off the enterance, and cramming the group at the opposite end of the hall. Then the lights would go out. A drop panel was built into the 4ft wall at the dead end side of the hall. A character would drop the panel and turn a light on to scare the group outside his window. Then that 4ft wall with the drop panel would open outward (towards the character) and the group could exit.


The room was totally fabricated on set. The walls were constructed of 2x2's and sheets of 1/8 inch hardboard. The moving wall was build to free stand on 4, 2 inch casters. Two caster were mounted to the lower back side of the moving panel, allowing roughly an inch of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the panel. Two more casters were mounted about 12 to 16 inches to some framework that came off the back side of the moving panel.

I then ran two 1/8 inch cables overhead, about 40 inches apart, centered on the moving panel. The cables were attached to the buildings walls so that they run directly overhead and lengthwise with the hallway of witch we will be shrinking. We ran the cable through approx. 1 inch eyelets attached to the top of the moving panel. By doing this we accomplished two things: we created a guide for the wall to travel down but also we created a means of holding the wall from tipping over onto the patrons.

** Sorry I dont have pictures of the construction, but I do have some video of the room in operation. It doesnt show much of how the wall moved other than you can see one of the cables the wall guides along. However, you can really get a feel for the effect of the room and how the partons reacted to it. Was a very fun room to work in! I will work on getting some video loaded up. Thanks for reading.

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