Western Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators (WWPI) and the House of Shadows


WWPI is a team of paranormal investigators from LaCrosse and surrounding areas of Wisconsin. Lead by Neil Nystrom and Boyd Hanson, they have now conducted several investigations of the House of Shadows revealing many photos and evps that question whether one can ever truly be alone in the old Wisconsin State Child Center's infirmary building used to host our haunted house in.

Neil backs his very professional and skeptical approach with many years in the paranormal investigation field while working with other investigating groups before founding WWPI in April of 2009. At the numerous investigations he has been involved in, Neil try's to keep things organized behind the scenes, however his job on investigations is digital photography and video shots.


Neil has built his group with extremely knowledgeable and dedicated members to perform his investigations with. Most of WWPI members have had at least 5 years of investigating experience. Neil also stated that with everyones busy lives, not every member has been able to attend each investigation.

The Crew

Boyd and Dave are the technicians. They are skilled in both audio and video. They also work on ideas for advancing the groups investigation equipment as well.

Kim and Cindy are great organizers and also do EVP's and research.

Karen and Julia do EVP work with Karen also taking photos.

Larry takes photos and helps the technicians with setup and teardown of equipment.

Andrea is off to college now but still helps out behind the scenes.

And Megan is still in training.

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-The following are answers to some questions I had for Neil as well as other info that WWPI was kind enough to share in his own words:


Since part of our promise to clients is discretion we try not to speak of recent investigations. Most clients do not wish anyone to know of their problems. After a year or more has passed we will talk of what we found but no names or locations are revealed. Different members go to different investigations. Basically it is what the persons free time will allow. As an example Neil has been to 1 home investigation, at least 4 cemetery outings and the House of Shadows on numerous
occasions since the group formed. But has also missed a few investigations.

HOS may 29 2009

House of Shadows is an exception to the norm. The group has made several visits to this Sparta location. We found orbs in our photos which may or may not be paranormal in nature. We had equipment failures such as digital cameras with fresh batteries going dead or needing a reboot. Our DVDR recorder shut down for no apparent reason by the strips room. Paul Solberg of HOS told us the room the DVDR crashed in does not seem to like cameras. A rapid temperature drop was noted at one point in the class room area. Team members also found  EVP’s on various recording devices. On another follow up visit team members found very little evidence of paranormal activity. However on the most recent visit a few days after the 09 season ended two more EVP’s were captured. Here is what we think the disembodied voices were trying to say. “it’s ok”  “in the hall”  “close it”  and the word “joke” but spoken slow and drawn out.

Experiences in the past include The strange large orb shot that we took in a Minnesota cabin. Or The time I spent an hour and a half in a totally dark spooky basement. The owners would not venture their at night or alone. They saw shadows moving and actually had one room boarded up. I asked if any one or thing was present and asked there location. Later on our recorder we heard a voice say “right behind you”. This was even more creepy since the only thing behind me was a wall. But there are times when we find a rational explanation for things. An example would be a family that heard noises in the walls of their home. After a long sit in a dirty basement I found the answer. When the electric water heater turned on it gave off high EMF readings. This can effect your ability to think clearly. But the main reason was caused by the hot water in the pipes causing a ticking noise as they expanded. The pipes ran up inside a wall causing the sound to travel up also.



We have always tried to follow a guide line so everyone has a task and does not interfere with the others. But we are further refining this process to get it down to a check list. Although this may vary slightly by location it should make things run smoother in the future.

The basic idea is for only a few members to have knowledge of the specific haunt. We have a few members who receive impressions from a site. Not exactly psychic but more along the lines of names and dates and sounds possibly from the past.

A preliminary investigation is done along with the initial contact. This is to gain knowledge of the layout as well as take base line readings and pictures.

When we arrive for the investigation we divide into teams. Depending on the location one or more teams may enter the site. They will do a spirit question session followed by a quiet time. At the same time readings are taken from various instruments. Notes are being taken cameras are rolling and still shots taken. Most of this gets to be boring.

Later it takes many hours to go over the findings. But when you find something cool it keeps you going.

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While some members have skills in electronics, Computers, Video, or the use of still cameras or other equipment  others just attract things. Some seem to be a magnet for orbs. Others attract EVP’s. Everyone is important to the group.


The goal of WWPI is to Investigate, Evaluate, and Educate.

We look for possible causes for your problems. We try to help you deal with the problem if there is one. We do not tell a spirit it has to leave. I have on a few occasions told possible spirits that they can move on if they wish to do so. In an extreme case additional help such as clergy may be called. I have not as of yet asked for help. Most things we find do not seam to be harmful, but more playful.


Our e-mail address is spiritchasers@hotmail.com


Various still cameras and video cameras some digital some not. Most of the video cameras have night shot to see in the dark. Electro magnetic field and Tri field detectors are used to find stray current. If you get a sudden reading on the meter in a place that did not have a reading before the reason may be paranormal. A reading of over 6 milliGauss (mG) is considered possible low level activity. A reading over 2 mG is considered unhealthy. We have noted readings over 100 mG. It should be noted that high readings always occur near  appliances and power sources.

A mini Tesla coil is used to help electrify the air to help power possible spirits. A variety of recorders from digital to cassette are used. Non contact thermometers are used to get an instant and exact temperature. Walkie talkies are sometimes used to coordinate an investigation. Sometimes simple things like a compass are used. I have had them spin at the same time EMF meters go off. The use of a K2 meter is also employed. Basically an EMF detector that a spirit can set off  by lighting it up. Flashlights are also very important along with pad and pen.

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On behalf of HauntYourHouse.NET and the House of Shadows, I give our sincere appreciation for the professionalism of WWPI. We are all looking forward to having them back for future investigations at our "haunted" haunted house.

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